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3D is my passion. It goes to the very heart of who I am.

Seeing volumes of motion, frozen in time, is what fuels my passion. It is a joy to behold. 


We explore the world of form and light through our sight.

When we see shapes and textures we are actually touching

them with our eyes. Seeing is remote sensing. 3D photography most closely captures that experience. Instead of showing us a flat representation of a moment, 3D enables us to re-experience the space surrounding that moment. In essence, it's time travel.


I am acutely aware of volumes of space when I capture a 3D photograph. In my 3D displays I share with my audience a separate left and right eye image, which each person then fuses with their eyes and brain. They co-create the 3D experience.


My 3D interactive displays enable me to share the joy I get

from depth perception, and through my art I hope to remind

people of the blessings of sight.

Franklin Londin has worked on three Academy Award winning films as Effects Animator:  Best Visual Effects - Titanic and Spiderman2.  Best Animated Feature - Spider-Man - Into the Spider-Verse.

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