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Available for Events: Weddings, Birthdays, Trade Shows, Wrap Parties, Portraits, Museum Displays...

Book Photoshoots

During your event I will take 3D photographs of your guests and give each of them a pair of red/blue glasses. I will then post their 3D anaglyph photos on a discreet website for
your guests to view, 
download and print at their convenience.
Or, I will do one-on-one photo sessions for headshots, fashion shoots, pet photosessions, etc...
there's no limit to our combined imagination.
Rent Sculptures

"Medusa" is a freestanding interactive 3D display sculpture that looks elegant in any location. Guests can move the viewers to a comfortable height and look into each to see different 3D photos beautifully illuminated in depth. (Think of the old viewmaster disk viewers with a modern flare).
"Medusa" or one of the other similar displays, can be filled with my award winning 3D images, or, images of your particular liking. I will meet with you in advance, at a location of your choice and shoot photos specifically tailored to your event.
Buy Displays

My "Flat and Deep" series of displays are designed wall frames with their own attached viewers. A variety of sizes and styles are available.
All images on this site are available for purchase,
either as flat images, or mounted within one of my custom made 3D viewer displays.
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